The most common KCPOS questions our support team get asked.

KCPOS is a fully integratable EPOS software solution. Although KCPOS support queries are rare, Monpellier have compiled the most common questions our support team get asked. Here are the top four issues:


1. You’ve changed something in administrator but it isn’t showing on the till.

Sometimes, you might change something in KCPOS Administrator, but it doesn’t appear on the till like it should. This is because you need to do a branch data refresh in the KCPOS Link. If you or your colleague have access to the KCPOS Link, go into the branches tab and find the little arrow in the right-hand corner. Click on this, and go to branch operations. At the bottom, you’ll see branch data refresh, and you need to run this. Then restart your till and your changes should show.


2. You’ve created a menu page and it isn’t on the till after a branch data refresh.

This is quite a common one, and I have made the mistake myself. When creating menu pages, you must make sure you are in the Head Office section of KCPOS. If you mistakenly create a page at branch level, it will overwrite the page with head office data as soon as you do a branch refresh.


3. You’ve received a new receipt printer but it isn’t working.

If you are using a receipt printer with a serial/COM port (a trapezoid shaped connector with little holes), then this is set up in KCPOS Administrator at branch level. If you need to get a new printer and install it yourself, you must make sure you are plugging it into the right port. To check this, go into KCPOS Administrator at branch level, and select till configuration. Go to the Hardware tab, and where it says receipt printer it should tell you which port your printer should be plugged into.


4. You’ve changed the name of a menu page and now the button doesn’t work.

If you have a button on your till that opens a new menu page, you must make sure the button can find this page. When you change the name of a page, go back to the page that has this button and link it up. That way it will be able to find the new name of the menu page.

If you are interested in a new EPOS Solution or have any questions regarding KCPOS please contact our expert team on 0191 500 8160 or email us [email protected].

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