Why you need to utilise Sage 200cloud CRM

The Sage 200cloud CRM suite includes Sage CRM to help you manage your customer and supplier relationships, allowing you to offer the highest level of quality and support.

Sage 200c CRM integration available with on premise version of Sage 200c, focuses on putting customers at the centre of your business, where Sage CRM helps create a close and more profitable relationship with your customers.

The Sage 200c CRM solutions connects all parts of the company to ensure every department works together in delivering excellent customer service. This software not only allows you to manage your sales activities and contacts, but also creates effective marketing campaigns making every customer interaction informative, effective and profitable.

Sage 200c CRM Key Features

  • Use demographics and special interests to plan, execute and measure targeted campaigns.
  • Track the success of your campaigns and generate accurate return on investment information.
  • Help achieve targets more efficiently and effectively.
  • Offer round the clock customer service with an automated email management service, and a self-service web portal.
  • Make promises to customers that you can guarantee by accurate to-the-minute pricing details from the ERP modules.
  • Increase your sales effectiveness.

Sage 200c CRM Benefits by departments

Sage 200c CRM for Sales

  • Make the most of every sales opportunity by increasing overall sales performance with powerful tools to find key information quickly and easily.
  • Create and distribute sales reports to keep your team in the loop of progress.
  • Manage your sales team with the ability to schedule tasks, gain insight into sales pipelines and analyse overall sales team performance.
  • Configure the sales process in Sage CRM to suit the way you operate.
  • Manage your sales cycle and concentrate on those deals most likely to close.
  • Get sales and marketing working together and gain the synergy of combined efforts to keep information in the Sage CRM system and actively monitor and track marketing and sales communications.

Sage 200c CRM for Marketing

  • Sage CRM enables you to set up full marketing campaigns and track ROI against each activity.
  • Create marketing reports for business insight into campaign performance.
  • Monitor lead source through Sage CRM and align to campaign activity for overall performance tracking.
  • Use real-time information to analyse the lead cycle from initial contact through to close.
  • Qualify leads and group them accordingly to ensure every opportunity is nurtured.
  • Integration with email marketing out-of-the-box to monitor variables such as open rates and clicks.

Sage 200c CRM for Customer Care

  • Full case management to capture, manage and resolve issues quickly.
  • Record every customer interaction through the Sage CRM system against a customer contact file by making notes and integrating Outlook.
  • Provide multiple channels to your customers by offering web access to a customer portal to raise support queries and view status of reports.
  • View and measure call turnaround time and understand support requirements by each customer.
  • Gather and store key information on customers to provide a better service.
  • Ensure your staff have the resources they need to carry out their role with satisfaction and provision success.

Customer relationship management software has changed the way we manage and maintain customer relations. The following highlights the top 10 benefits of Sage 200c CRM software to your business.

  1. Integration with accounts
  2. Increase productivity
  3. Build stronger customer relationships
  4. Reduce costs
  5. Enhance communication
  6. Real-time visbility
  7. Complete view of your customers
  8. Mobile and remote staff working productively
  9. Increase customer satisfaction
  10. Improve overall decision making

CRM connects to accounts

CRM brings many benefits to your organisation, but one of the key differences and reasons to choose a CRM & Accounting solution is the integration on offer between the two. For example, Sage 200c offers integration with Sage CRM respectively. The benefit of this is that vital information can be disseminated across your business units. For instance, credit history for key accounts, customer order history and stock availability.

Increase productivity

CRM solutions such as Sage CRM benefit your organisation by making your sales team, marketing team and customer service teams more productive. Pricing, Order Information and lead to customer information can all be found easier and quickly from within one place.

Build stronger customer relationships

A CRM system provides your organisation with a store full of information and insight into your leads, prospects and customers. The more your sales team puts into the system, the more information can be extracted by sales, marketing and customer service to nurture leads and build strong relationships with customers, aiding the deal closure for new and existing business and retention rates for existing customers.

Reduce costs

A CRM system can aide in the sales cycle and ensure data is consistent across teams and help reduce costly mistakes by increasing accuracy and effectiveness. CRM systems are accessible on demand and therefore can save the need for time in putting together different procedures, such as running separate spreadsheets.

Enhance communication

CRM systems are an excellent communications system to help get teams working closer together. Marketing and sales can improve their interaction by having documented records of key interactions with prospects and customers. Teams can ensure work is correctly assigned to an individual and followed up as and when required. No opportunity should be left untaken by effective use of a CRM system.

Real-time visibility

A CRM system provides real-time access to key lead intelligence information such as when marketing sends out an e-newsletter, sales updates a recent conversation with a prospect, or customer service logs a support call. Opening up the visibility to those in your organisation that need it empowers them to carry out their role more effectively.

Complete view of your customers

Having a directory of all your customers that you can check through customer communications and purchase history for an enhanced understanding of your customers.

Productivity with mobile and remote staff

In today’s connected world it is vital to make sure your employees and customers are constantly connected to your brand. CRM solutions with mobile access enable remote staff to have reliable access to all the customer and activity information they need via their mobile devices and home working environment.

Increase customer satisfaction

Personalise every interaction with your customer by keeping records of key information to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction. You can set up your CRM system to store key information ranging from customer interests to order history and ensure you always provide relevant information to your audience.

Improve overall decision making

CRM provides real actionable insight via detailed reporting facilities in CRM to help generate sales forecasts and marketing ROI. CRM analysis tools can help identify short and long-term trends and alert users to potential business opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about Sage CRM, contact us here, or call us on 0191 500 8150 to speak to one of our friendly Business Software Consultants.

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