Why Pegasus Business Intelligence Software?

To remain competitive in today’s business environment, it’s essential that your reporting system gives you the information you need, exactly when you need it. If you’re not able to make up to the minute decisions then you’ll be left behind.

That’s where Pegasus Opera 3 Business Intelligence software can help.

Why Pegasus Business Intelligence Software?

With Opera 3 Business Intelligence tools you get precisely what you need to know without wasting valuable time.

With Opera 3, you have advanced intelligence working for you. And it’s not just us saying that. Pegasus XRL has won awards for its features, while Pegasus Dashboards will revolutionise the way you view the information you need.

Pegasus XRL

Pegasus XRL module allows Microsoft Excel to access live data from within Opera 3 at the click of a mouse, so you don’t have to copy and paste, re-enter data or work out formulas. For many years, users of accounting systems have had to struggle with complicated and inflexible reporting tools that were supposed to make things easier. In reality, they make extracting data into Excel a real trial.

Pegasus XRL brings these struggles to an end. Pegasus XRL is an award-winning Business Intelligence application which seamlessly links your Opera 3 financial data in a couple of simple steps.

Pegasus Dashboards

Pegasus Dashboards provides a visual representation of key business data in real time, in a wide range of formats and with powerful drilldown to the underlying data. This allows the business management team to identify trends and issues in an ease of use environment and to take immediate action as required.

Each Pegasus Opera 3 operator can define their own individual Dashboards, depending on their role and responsibility. Critical information relating to each area can easily be tracked such as sales performance, KPIs or stock levels. Pegasus Opera 3 enables Managing Directors, Financial Managers or Heads of Sales to have their own dashboard designed to fit the way they see the business.

Pegasus Opera 3 – Instant Messenger

Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) helps release the business-critical information held within your system via pro-active alerts. PIM is Opera 3’s unique, real-time reporting, scheduling and instant messaging tool, designed to address the everyday challenges that organisations face when attempting to manage and distribute business data.

Pegasus helps businesses to avoid the timely monthly or weekly management reports needed to determine the health of their business; PIM automatically distributes real-time, business-critical information in the form of a discreet pop-up instant message, as and when you need it.

Any good BI solution will offer a range of reporting tools to help you view and manage your data.

We’re going to look at some of the key reporting tools and features which you might want to consider when looking for a new BI solution.

When looking at BI software, it’s important to consider the functionality it offers. Ask yourself; who will be accessing your data, how can it be extracted and ultimately, is your chosen system going to give you the information you need to run your business effectively?


Are you a graphs and charts person? Dashboard views are great for showing your KPIs in easy-to-view graphs, without showing you everything. They can give you real-time information so you can quickly see what’s doing what, without having to crunch the numbers first.

Excel Functionality

Why make life harder than it needs to be? If you’re a whizz at Excel, then why not look at reporting solutions which have the capability to integrate with the environment you’re familiar with? Outputting reports to Excel will allow you to drill down and manipulate your data further to get the information you need so you can easily share it with other decision makers in your business. Plus, you’ll find it more productive when focusing on the figures rather than which buttons to press.

Customisable views

Will several employees be using the system? Different departments will be looking for different information so the ability to customise columns and rows is a helpful feature to ensure your business intelligence system works for everyone in your business.

Active grids

Do you like to play around with your data and compare figures against each other? Active grids which allow you the flexibility to move data around and order columns as you wish can give you a much deeper insight. Avoid more restrictive solutions which only display your data in fixed views and make it less flexible.

Hidden reports for printing

Do you have meeting after meeting and top-level executives requesting information for discussion? Hidden reports showing your key information in a printable format are ideal for sharing with colleagues and stakeholders in those important meetings.

Still not persuaded? Read on to find out how it can help grow your organisation.

Business Intelligence can be a valuable addition to any business strategy to drive growth; not only can it aid decision-making, but it can improve productivity and ROI too. So, let’s delve deeper and explore the benefits of Pegasus Business Intelligence:

Make faster more important decisions

In days gone by, , individual departments would record and store their own data, making it difficult and time consuming to collate data from across the business. Business Intelligence software that can access data from all areas helps you stay one step ahead by allowing you to access real-time reports, graphs and spreadsheets, giving you complete visibility of the entire organisation in one place. This means you can make up-to-the-minute decisions confidently and quickly.

Satisfied customers and better customer retention

You think you know your customers, but do you really? Do you know what products they buy and when they buy them? How long does it take them to reach the decision to purchase, and what other products to they look at? How often do they return to re-purchase from you? Business Intelligence software can help you get to know your customers, giving you an insight into their buying patterns and behaviour, so you can offer the best products and service to retain them.

Plan for the future and be proactive

Businesses always have, and always will, face uncertainty about the future. With Brexit underway, this is particularly topical at the moment. By giving you insight into how your business has performed historically, Business Intelligence can help you take proactive action to predict and manage future changes and reduce their impact.

Empower employees

If business information is accessible for everyone to see and use, it can help them make insightful decisions or suggestions from the ‘shop floor’, which can have huge benefits for the overall success of an organisation. Plus, it’ll empower and motivate your employees and drive productivity in the longer term.

Make the data you need

The beauty of Business Intelligence software is that it gives you access to the exact information you want, when you need it. No more guesswork or hours of crunching the numbers. A well-implemented Business Intelligence solution will give you the ability to correlate your data how it suits you, and share it easily with other employees and managers across your business.

Save time

One of the simplest, yet biggest benefits of a good Business Intelligence solution is the time it saves. Inputting data to use in report creation can be a laborious and costly task, especially in time-poor, budget-conscious organisations. Business Intelligence software can generate reports at the click of a button, removing the most arduous part of the process, so you can focus your time where it really matters.

Do you think your organisation could benefit from some of the above? Maybe it’s time to think about investing in a new Business Intelligence solution?

Opera 3 has an award-winning business intelligence functionality which can provide valuable insight for your business. Contact us here to learn more and to discuss your requirements, or call us on 0191 500 8150.

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