Sage 200cloud is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution made for small to medium businesses.

With Sage 200cloud you can share information across teams with one integrated system. Sage 200cloud ERP allows users to tailor the system to their individual business process needs.

The system is a scalable solution that will grow with you from 2-250 users. With a wide range of addons such as Document Manager and EDI and various modules such as Financials and Commercials, you can really cater Sage 200cloud to your business needs.

What are the benefits of Sage 200cloud software?

Get in control of your finances with Sage 200cloud

Do you spend hours each month trying to get the reporting you need?

Sage 200c’s powerful reporting capabilities gives you a variety of ways to help make your month end routine easier. With a big selection of standard reports, the ability to customise or create your own from scratch and with the business intelligence (BI) suite, you can choose the option that best suits your requirements. And of course, the software is HMRC compliant.

Worried about staff spending money with following an authorisation process?

The Sage 200c Commercials module gives you the ability to control your purchasing. With the built-in purchase order authorisation process and a web-based authorisation for external users you can control your purchasing budgets.

Do you know the true cost and profit of each item you sell?

Sage 200c’s powerful stock management system, combined with project accounting, Bill of Materials and manufacturing modules allows you to understand the true cost, and hence the profit of every item. You can figure the exact costs of any batch or serial numbered item. Sage 200c saves you the hassle of figuring it out and gives you multiple options when it comes to costing methods.

You can easily track the make-up of the costs for your stock items that you are manufacturing using the manufacturing specific module from within the software. Whether it is a time machine, time-sheets or operational costs and without the hassle of complex and unmanageable spreadsheets.

Are your team wasting time re-entering information?

Even ignoring the cost of the paper it’s printed on, passing paperwork around the office can be an unseen cost. Or perhaps you have a multitude of different systems that don’t talk to each other.

An integrated system reduces cost and the likelihood of errors, ensuring that your information is produced faster and more accurately. Managing your data correctly can save you time and money.

Cut time with Sage 200cloud

Have you already missed a potential sale?

Sage 200c CRM gives you the tools you need to track your opportunity pipeline, ensuring you follow up every possible sale. With customisable dashboards and automated reminders, you and your team stay on top of your multiple opportunities and ensure you never miss another sale.

Streamline your sales process with mail merge and email templates. Automatically schedule activities as the opportunity moves through your pipeline stages, saving your team time and automating your sales process!

Do you spend hours figuring out your sales forecast?

Sage 200c CRM has an inbuilt tool to help you get your sales forecast quickly and easily! Weighing the potential income against the certainty of that opportunity occurring, gives you a clear methodology to collate your forecast from each team member into one team forecast.

Sage 200c CRM makes telesales easy!

Tracking the success and keeping on top of your outbound telesales calls becomes simple with Sage 200c CRM. Generate lists for your team to call, script their conversation and track the leads generated.

Create groups of customers to call quickly and easily – target customers based on purchase history, location or any other custom data you have in your database.

Make your marketing more efficient with Sage CRM

Target your marketing more efficiently

Easily put together targeted lists of customers by industry, address or based on previous purchases. Highly refine your marketing lists to ensure your campaigns are as effective as possible.

No more hours spent putting together lists of information from Excel spreadsheets or duplicating contact details.

Know the ROI from your marketing

Track the success of your marketing campaigns, track how many leads or opportunities have been generated from individual activities. So, you know where you spend your money to get the most bang from your buck.

Track budgets vs actuals and calculate exactly how much you are spending on marketing activities.

Powerful Stock and Warehouse Management with Sage 200cloud ERP

Do you feel in control of your stock?

Know exactly what is coming in and going out at any time with Sage 200c. Integrated with the Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing modules, Sage 200c removes the need for vast amounts of paperwork coming from the sales teams, and allows them to see the stock levels available within the warehouse.

Get accurate reporting on your stock. With the inbuilt report designer and free business intelligence suite, Sage 200c gives you the right information in real time so you can make better decisions.

Ordering stock is easy with Sage 200c

With its ability to generate a suggested buying list, sage 200c calculates the right amount of stock to both meet the orders on your system and also to maintain your minimum and maximum reorder levels. All at the click of a button.

Save time and reduce mistakes with Sage 200c barcoding

With a variety of barcoding options, Sage 200c provides a fully integrated system accessible from handhelds to speed up your goods in, goods out and stock take processes. Even ignoring the cost of paper it’s printed on, passing paperwork around the warehouse can be an unseen cost. Lost paperwork and errors on handwritten documents is also a major issue with a paper based system. These errors and issues can easily be removed through the use of barcoding.

Optimise your production with Sage 200cloud

Meet your delivery times with Sage 200c Manufacturing

Sage 200c offers a powerful manufacturing solution that helps you manage your entire processes from estimating through to planning and production. Integrated with the stock, commercials and financials, Sage 200c helps you meet your promise dates by helping you plan and control the production all the way from order to despatch.

Identify potential issues before they arise by using Sage 200c’s powerful stock projection capabilities which provide full visibility and control over future stock levels. Assess the impact of changes to due delivery dates and quantities quickly and easily.

Ensure full traceability and improve quality control

Sage 200c gives you the ability to manage batch and serial numbered items throughout the manufacturing process to maintain quality standards and detailed traceability. Assign specific batches or serial numbers to a works order, substitute one traceable component for another and know exactly which batch or serial numbered items make up the final product.

So, what next?

If you are interested in upgrading your current accounting software system to Sage 200c, give us a ring to see what next steps you can take, and we will fully support you every step of the way!

You can contact us here, call us on 0191 500 8150 or email us at [email protected]

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