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Six strategies to see ROI from your ERP implementation sooner

When you think of ROI, monetary returns spring to mind – particularly if you have stocks. But there are other, crucial factors of ROI to do

ERP software comparison: how to plan the right choice

Have you ever been to the supermarket and found yourself paralysed by which one of four different types of tomatoes to throw in the basket? It can be

ERP facts and lessons learned

While you might be eager to reap the benefits an ERP system will bring to your business – according to the trends we see here at Monpellier,

ERP vs CRM software – what’s the difference?

Today’s technology gives companies an advantage they have never had. With the ability to streamline processes and access data in real-time,

How EPOS systems can improve employee management

Keeping on top of your employee reviews, training, incentives and day-to-day communications can be hard work, particularly when you have so many

How ERP functions change the world for SME manufacturers

The manufacturing industry seems deemed to grow forever. It is, therefore, no surprise that manufacturers require incredibly efficient organisation

What’s driving your ERP project?

Most project teams from mid-market and distribution organisations are challenged by an ERP selection project. This is because an ERP project cuts

How to tell you’ve outgrown your EPOS

As an entrepreneur at this stage of the game, you’re starting to see a pivotal role an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system plays in your

Empower your business and staff with data

Data is one of the most powerful tools for a modern business to gain a competitive advantage. Is your business ready for the data revolution?

Can ERP systems contribute to your competitive advantage?

With the rapid advancement of technology, SMEs need to transform the way they manage their business in order to stay competitive. According to a

The importance of integrating your most important IT systems

Growth: it’s every retailers goal. Whether it’s a small shop opening a second location across town or a big-box chain with stores

Could EPOS systems help you cut your costs?

Achieving a balance of revenue and operational costs is crucial to the positive growth of any business. Right now, this is particularly challenging